Research Areas

Lightwave Neuromorphic Signal Processing
Neuromorphic engineering provides a wide range of practical signal processing tools by exploiting the biophysics of neuronal computation algorithms. Implementing the function of a neuron using photonics allow the operation speed to be a billion time faster than its biological counterpart.

Microwave Photonics
The marriage of photonics and microwave solves fundamental challenges of wireless, and overcome computational and bandwidth limitations in wireless communications. Adopting the signal processing algorithms in neuromorphic processes, then implementing them using photonics and simplifying them with photonics building blocks solve the problem elegantly.

Fiber Optics Sensing
Fiber optics sensing has a wide range of applications including biomedical, civil, and ocean engineering. Due to the unique properties of fiber optics, is has been a great candidate for sensing in EM sensitive (MRI) and harsh environments.

Photonic Signal Processing
Instantaneous response of fiber optics provides real-time, EM immune, and low latency means to process optical, RF signals, and biomedical signals for communications, security/defense, and sensing applications.

Major Equipment

Major Optical and RF Equipment
WAVE lab is well equipped for performing both optical, Microwave, and Microwave Photonics experiments. Our equipment are both funded by the College of Engineering as well as National Science Foundation.